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You can grow a garden in Colorado – and enjoy homegrown goodies on your table 12 months a year.

Snag our Mountain Garden Starter Guide which is jammed packed with our best tips for a beautiful and productive mountain vegetable garden.

Between the easy to implement tips, you’ll find fillable and printable pages for you to take action now for an abundant harvest this year!

Set Up

how does your existing (or planned) stack up to the components we find help mediate our challenging growing conditions?

Planting and Harvest Calendar

not your standard “zone 4 planting calendar.” This one is specific to Eagle County’s erratic spring and fall weather and includes harvest and succession sowing tips.

Essential Skills

learn tips to help transform your garden from meh to magnificent!

Action Plan

Use the fillable and printable pages to develop your garden plan today for more abundant harvests this year!

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